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Devops ews

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Этот канал — агрегатор новостей из мира геймдева. Прохладные истории из глубин инди-дева, внушительные перемещения капиталов от титанов индустрии, сорта смеха — здесь можно найти […]

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Библиотека программиста

Полезная информация по всему, что может быть интересно программисту.

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Быстрая Теплица

О технологиях и трендах

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iOS app free of the day

iOS apps free for only one day.

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PHP Developers

Chat group for PHP developers.

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Channel for developers, programming, web technologies.

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Aswat Telecom

Our Aswat Test channel

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Aswat Test

Aswat Telecom Test Channel

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Debian: security update

Unofficial Account — These web pages include a condensed archive of security advisories posted to the debian-security-announce list.

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free movie download channel

Get the free movie link to download free movie every day on this channel.

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Big Ass

Only the most juicy ass

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الخوة الوصخة

بوت يهتم بنشر الصور والمقاطع الثقافية

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Dance India

हिन्दी . भारतीय . भारत . Indian . India . Desi . Hindi . हिंदी .

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2ch | Двач

Добро пожаловать. Снова.

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Этот бот будет присылать вам по 1-2 отличных рецепта в день. Кроме того, в любой момент вы можете найти огромное количество классного материала в базе […]

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Plus Messenger

Для всех кому надоело стандартное и скучное оформления Telegram а так же хочет быть в курсе последних новостей Plus Messenger (неофициальный клиент на основе API […]

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TV Series Bot

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Ebooks Bot

We make this bot for you to search Authors and Books easily. We just started only, More Boooks are coming.

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Spoiler Bot

Send spoilers discreetly, so no one hates you for doing it. This is an inline bot, so you don’t have to add it anywhere. You […]

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Aliexpress gadgets

A huge amount of interesting gadgets selected to suit all tastes at the lowest prices

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Wiki Daily

People were always interested in quotes of great people, landscapes of beautiful places, interesting and informative articles. And so our channel has decided to unite […]

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.gif channel ˁ˚ᴥ˚ˀ

A channel with a collection of my personal favorites around the internet, they will be delivered occasionally or daily at least. :3

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Yandex Image Search

This bot can help you find and share images. It works automatically, no need to add it anywhere. Simply open any of your chats and […]

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Translates text into markdown style. It has a function for the post to channels.

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Quality handmade wallpapers created by myself. Free and fast way to make your smartphone and pc looks dope!

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Check host availability with http and ping checks.

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best city

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Here you will find the best humor

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Spoiler Bot

Send spoilers discreetly, so no one hates you for doing it. This is an inline bot, so you don’t have to add it anywhere. You […]

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