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Top Best Telegram Bots List

| Uncategorized | Ноябрь 5, 2018


1. Reminder bots for telegram

Telegram has a bot that act as a reminder for you in case you forgot anything. It also helps you to make and manage your reminders and notes. @SkeddyBot is a reminder bot in telegram. All you need to do is set it, reminders are sent to you by skeddy at specified time through telegram.


This Channel2rssbot of telegram allows users to show your telegram channel out of telegram. You are provided an RSS address ( and ATOM, if you want ) that would be updated with the publication of your channel.


This CryptoCallback bot is really very helpful and useful for people who stay up to date or for those who are traveling somewhere. With the help of this bot, you can opt any currency and place an alert on three things.


This Bitcoin X bot allows you to know your balance of any Bitcoin address by just putting Bitcoin address.
Whenever a new coin is added to a supported cryptocurrency exchange, you get notification.


This otouto bot of telegram allows you to search Google including maps, pictures, videos and so on in addition to web result. It has several handy feature which offers you translating text. You can have access to otouto from your computer or smartphone. Or Whatever device you use.


Basically, this Gamee bot has been developed for games,i invite gamee into a conversation thread to play alone or with friends in telegram. You can go for any sort of game here such a random game, trading game and browse categories. You can also known how much you are scoring in the game and you can compare your score with your friend’s score.

7.Private box

This private box bot is something to be noted by the users because of its unique features this bot allows you to save the files. You can save your important information and documents using this bot. It works inline so becomes very simple to save any conversation.

8.Spoty box

At present, telegram offers you various tunes, this spoty box telegram bot allows you to listen all the tunes available in telegram. You can also share the track with your friends or listen on the go. More you can do is check out lyrics present in telegram. For music lovers, this bot is really must use bot.


If you have to know the answer of any questions this  AIIQ bot is the best for that because this bot helps you to know the answer of any questions what you are trying to find out. This bot connect you with the users in order to get the answer.

10.Metric bots

Users who want to keep up with their website analytics across the day must look no further than metricbot. You can simply ask how your website is doing and it will give you Google analytics at a glance right from telegram.

11.Qeyword bots

Basically, this  Qeywordbot helps you to you to search and verify emails directly from within Telegram. Visit . Hence, if you are in online business this bot is really very useful for you. This bot is one of the best telegram bot for online marketing.

12.Drop mail

Drop mail is unique feature which allows the users to create instant disposable email addresses to defend yourself from spam. This bot helps you to create an address and receive emails from your device.

13.Now Trending bot

This Now Trending bot of telegram allows you to know what’s happening around you means what is everyone talking about. Using this bot you can get know news, videos and more. Moreover, you can share news with your friends.

14.Wolfram Alpha

This telegram Wolfram Alpha bot is the best for premier sources of computational knowledge. And with the help of this bot, you can place the power in any telegram enabled device. All you need to do is message your query, You will get an answer.


Usually, this bot of telegram helps you to keep in touch of other users. If you have trouble, you can simply move to this bot in order to sort out your problems.


This Yandex telegram bot helps you by translating for you. Using this bot, you can talk to your such friends who speak different language. The bot translate your messages to each as You speak. Simply, it works as a language translator for you.

17.Get Media Bot

Basically, this telegram getmedia bot one of the best telegram bot in terms of downloading video or audio from websites like youtube, twitter, facebook, Instagram and SoundCloud.


This telegram bot allows users to make to-do lists, share them, assign tasks to colleagues and so on. It is very important tool for making strategy in group conversation and deleting task. All you need to do is send a message todobot.

19.Chats against humanity

This bot is one of the most coolest telegram bot because using the bot you can play the game with your friends. It is pretty simple to begin and best party games app. The bot is quite popular among telegram users.


This groupbutler bot of telegram is used to regulate a large group, use the bot for keeping everyone in line in group. You act as a regulator and the bot helps you in many ways such as to regulate the group and performing other activities. The most interesting thing that the bot can do is set custom triggers. To use it send a message GroupButler.


This bot of telegram helps to set triggers between different platforms, applications, and services. For instance, you may say ” when clicking a picture, save it to my online storage”. With the help of the IFTTT bot, you can set triggers and commands right from telegram.


Do you have problems in certain words? Move to the Wordbot to know the meaning of any words. We all have to face words problem at some point of time, so in that case you can certainly use the bot. It tells you actual and authentic meaning of any words.


This  telegram bot is another great tool for chat regulator, combot tells chat statistics and metrics measuring your community. You can use combot to send key insights to act on, if you have to drive engagement in your telegram group.


Sometimes it becomes difficult to make decisions in group, but use the pollarbot to come out from that problem. With help of the bot, you can make polls and forward in group to your friends. In this way, you make collaborative decision and giving chance to everyone in decision making body.

24.youtube video download bot

These is the easiest way to download youtube video and audio,to download video or audio from youtube you just have to paste the link

25.Url Shortener

shorten your URL and also provide a link with statistics


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