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How does Telegram channel work?

| Uncategorized | Июнь 9, 2019

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Telegram Channels is a unique feature to the messaging app which allows users to subscribe to certain topics, brands and influencers and receive updates through this. It works like a large messaging group, but subscribers are mute and simply watch the brand/topic/influencers message about the topic of the channel.

Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram can have groups of 200 000 members. Therefore having channels is perfect way to allow subscribe to engage with the app in the age of social media. Becoming a Telegram user has many benefits, including end-to-end encryption chats and voice calls.


Joining a Telegram Channel

Subscribing to a Telegram Channel is quite easy to do and adds tremendous value to the messaging platform. Here are the following steps to subscribe to Telegram Channels;

  1. Make sure you have download Telegram and have a telegram account. You can use Telegram as a web-based messaging app and an app on your phone. Telegram is available for all Android and IOS operating systems.
  2. Visit http://telegram-web.com/ad-category/telegram-channels/  on either your mobile phone or computer.
  3. The link will take you to the Telegram Channel page where you can search a channel by name, description or hashtag. You can also search categories like, Software, Technology, and Cryptocurrency etc. There are thousands of channels that you can instantly join.
  4. Once you have found a category you like, for example Technology, click the category.
  5. Once inside the category you will find hundreds, if not thousands of channels that you can subscribe to by simply clicking the plus icon and then clicking the green subscribe button on the page that opens. (Please note that if you are working on a Linux computer you may have issues opening a tg link – using your mobile Search Engine Brower will definitely work)
  6. It will then take you to Telegram and into the Telegram Channel you have subscribed to – ENJOY!

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