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About Us

Currently, this site is a hobby and not a business.

I’m a supporter of Telegram Messenger and my goal is to establish a Classified for people to come together.

TelegramWeb is not a website or service where users can purchase or acquire anything illegal. We not aid or be a party to any illegal activity.

We’re here to serve the growing international popularity Telegram Messenger community, earn the trust of our visitors, and fully pursue this exciting new realm of business with professionalism, diligence, and innovation.

Feedback comments are always appreciated. I will do my best to make this website a great benefit to the community. If you are not happy about something, feel free to contact me and i’ll do my best to resolve it. I sincerely hope you find your experience here fun rewarding.

This is a brand new service built from the ground up to be the most secure, professional, and convenient Telegram Messenger web directory.