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Math Teacher

The Math Teacher bot is designed to help kids practicing mental calculation.

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Il Bot ufficiale di Nuntium permette di ricevere curiosità casuali, sotto forma di immagine. [Le immagini vengono prima caricate nella pagina Instagram di Nuntium].

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English Learning

Improve your English with daily lessons from this bot. Welcome to @ILI_bot:trophy: I am so happy to see you joining our friendly community. Just press […]

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Do you like challenges? Are you willing to prove yourself in this guessing game? Enjoy!

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English Vocab Expander

Practice vocabulary using opposites.

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Tefl Bot

TeflBot sends you many posts per day in which you can improve your English.

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Al-Qur’an Generation

Get the meaning of Surah

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Growth Bot

Insights for founders and makers from founders and makers. Growthbot will send you short and actionable growth hack each day.

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This bot will help you learn English in a fun way. Play quizzes, chat at the Cafe, and make friends!

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حکمت های نهج البلاغه

با عضویت در این ربات حکمت های نهج البلاغه را در تلگرام خود دریافت کنید

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  • Телеграмм каналы со сливами.

    by . Июнь 9, 2019.

    1. Crypto Monitoring @crypto_monitoring В этом канале сливают рабочие схемы и курсы по заработку крипты. Так же канал мониторит порядка двухсот криптоканалов и публикует лучшие посты из всех этих каналов. На наш взгляд один из самых полезных каналов по крипте и сливами в крипто тематике. 2. Mega’Sliv @megaslivy Здесь ты сможешь найти сливы дорогостоящих курсов, […]

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