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Free Maymays

Bringing you the freshest memes from facebook’s depths. And also, doggos.

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All My Music

With AllmyMusic you can get mp3 file from Youtube video

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8Ball Bot

Спрашивай, что угодно. Хоть вслух, хоть про себя – без разницы, я же волшебный шар. А если ты напишешь вопрос мне, я отвечу на твое […]

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Bofh Excuses

Ever need an excuse on why some odd electronic phenomenon occurs? Try contacting the Bastard Operator from Hell. Using excuses from the BOFH Server (http://pages.cs.wisc.edu/~ballard/bofh/), […]

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Star and fan

Get Information about K-pop stars news. These days, Korean Wave be blowing a lot. I thought It’s not enough to see K-stars activity only in […]

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Talk to Cleverbot from within Telegram! Made by @BasvdW.

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Search Spotify

Send Spotify Songs to your friends quicker than ever! Simply type @spotisbot and your search query in the messagefield and send your friends all your […]

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Fun World

The best Gifs, Memes and Thug Life all together 😁🎉 Fun for everyone 🙊🙉🙈

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Бот от группы вКонтакте посвященной музыкальному микро-жанру — nightcore. Присылает посты со стены сообщества и треки из аудиозаписей.

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Random Reddit Fun

Fetches random posts from subreddit /r/funny

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