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Listings for Telegram Utilities (156)


Imgur Buddy

Send a photo, post a pic from clipboard and this bot will upload it to imgur for you and give you back an url. New […]

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Simple Magic The Gathering bot, that display card description and price.

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Pivotal Tracker Bot

Track your Pivotal Tracker project in the Telegram. Tracked events: * Create a new story; * Change a story; * Change a status of story; […]

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شیعه سِی: اولین سیستم پرسش و پاسخ دینی

شیعه سِی اولین سیستم پرسش و پاسخ دینی است که این امکان را به کاربران می دهد که سوالاتشان را از متخصصین دینی بپرسند و […]

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SysAdmin Tools

This bot includes some popular utilities helping system administrators, daily. /whois Whois for a domain name [/whois domain.tld] /ip Get domain IP whois data /ptr […]

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Mods for WhatsApp, cracked apps etc

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Youtube watcher

This bot will notify you about new videos on Youtube channels!

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This bot is dedicated for Indian legal professionals

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Бот-помощник по услугам компании МегаФон. В нём собраны часто задаваемые вопросы касательно услуг, тарифов, опций оператора связи. Так же представлены полезные сервисы по проверке принадлежности […]

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Python Bot

Python interpreter bot

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