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Крипто Мониторинг

В этом канале сливают рабочие схемы и курсы по заработку крипты. Так же канал мониторит порядка двухсот криптоканалов и публикует лучшие посты из всех этих […]

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Do you want to earn money from cryptocurrencies? Subscribe to receive the best tools you need to start your crypto earn. This is an exclusive […]

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IAS Materials

An Initiative to Provide Materials for UPSC Join our other Channels JOIN @NCERT JOIN @UPSCMaterials JOIN @MaterialforExam JOIN @FreeUpscMaterials Website : https://freeupscmaterials.org

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The latest xkcd comics. (xkcd.com) Unofficial channel. Comics are automatically posted within a few minutes after publication.

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QUANTA Official Channel

QUANTA (quantachain.io) is the public blockchain for fast, open, and scalable digital assets exchange

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https://atonomi.io/ — Security Protocol for the Internet of Things

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Apps & More

Anything IT, Apps, PC softwares, tricks and how to’s, movies and more https://t.me/Apps_and_More

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Tech Byte™

Tech tricks, news, hacking tutorials and dark web guides. Group: @GEEKernel Feedback: @romL3N @anonyguy bit.ly/YouTubeRomL3N

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Xiaomiui Global

Forum: xiaomiui.net Download xiaomiui.net/download Group: @xiaomiuigroup Photography: @xiaomiuishoton Türkçe: @xiaomiuiturkish Pусский: @xiaomiuirussian O’zbekcha: @xiaomiuiuzbek العربية: @xiaomiuiarabic

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Web Dev

Web Development news feed. Feedback: @ChannelsAdvs

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Телеграмм каналы со сливами.

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

1. Crypto Monitoring @crypto_monitoring В этом канале сливают рабочие схемы и курсы по заработку крипты. Так же канал мониторит порядка двухсот криптоканалов и публикует лучшие посты из всех этих каналов. На наш взгляд один из самых полезных каналов по крипте и сливами в крипто тематике. 2. Mega’Sliv @megaslivy Здесь ты сможешь найти сливы дорогостоящих курсов, […]

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How does Telegram channel work?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Telegram Channels is a unique feature to the messaging app which allows users to subscribe to certain topics, brands and influencers and receive updates through this. It works like a large messaging group, but subscribers are mute and simply watch the brand/topic/influencers message about the topic of the channel. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram can have groups […]

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How can I ping telegram?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Steps Open Telegram. It’s the white paper airplane on a blue background. … Tap the group with the message you want to pin. If it’s been a while since you used this group, you may have to scroll down to find it. Tap the message you want to pin. … Tap Pin. … Choose whether […]

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Does Telegram have video call?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Telegram is not working currently on Video calls. As a workaround, use Videomessages. But they are working on Group voice calls as of now.

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Is telegram a free app?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

100% FREE & NO ADS: Telegram is free and will always be free. We are not going to sell ads or introduce subscription fees.

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How do you know if someone blocked me on telegram?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Last seen says, “last seen a long time ago” Profile picture is the same from a long time. Single tick when you send a message. Shows an error if you add him/her in a group. Even when they’ve blocked you, they still have the privilege of seeing your profile and last seen timestamp, so out […]

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How safe is telegram?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Telegram is safe as far as your mobile operator is safe, because of SMS authentication. Telegram allows you to protect against this by setting an additional password, but by default it is not used. End-to-end encryption. The procedure for reconciling the key is not at all straightforward. Each time the key imprint is different. It […]

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How can I play Telegram movies on my Iphone?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Since the Telegram Messenger app or your iOS device is unable to Play unsupported videos, if you receive a video from a friend via Telegram Messenger, simply download the video from inside Telegram Messenger. Once downloaded you can click on the option to open the video in to the Telegram Media Player app. The app […]

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How can I find someone on telegram?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

To find people by username, just start typing any name in the search field of the Contacts section. Once entered at least 5 characters, you will see the Global Searchsection in your search results. This list contains people with corresponding usernames. You can find out more details about usernames in our FAQ.

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How does Telegram app works?

Uncategorized Июнь 9, 2019

Telegram is a cloud-based messaging app like Whatsapp, which is more open, safe, secure and private. Telegram allows you to communicate with your contacts. All messages sent by telegram can be encrypted easily removed or removed. You can send files up to 1.5 GB, all the media can be stored in the cloud. The most […]

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